NetRestore 3.4.4

Quickly restore a master disk image

NetRestore is a popular, free (gpl) Mac software, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Analisers & Optimizers. View full description

NetRestore is a popular, free (gpl) Mac software, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Analisers & Optimizers.

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Since the program was added to our catalog in 2006, it has managed to reach 5,418 downloads, and last week it achieved 1 download.

This software is available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and former versions, and you can download it only in English. The current version of the software is 3.4.4 and it has been updated on 3/28/2008.

About the download, NetRestore is a slick software that takes up less space than the average program in the section Utilities. It's a very heavily used program in Canada.

Whether you're deploying five, five thousand, or 32,000 systems, NetRestore is the software deployment solution for you. Built on Apple's Apple Software Restore technology, NetRestore can be used to quickly and accurately restore a master disk image to a computer's hard disk while that disk image is hosted locally, on a network via AFP, NFS or multicast, or on the internet via HTTP. NetRestore can also be used in conjunction with NetBoot to fully automate the deployment of a lab full of machines. NetRestore was designed to be very easy to use, yet flexible, powerful, and extensible. NetRestore supports the deployment of Mac OS X and Windows XP.

NetRestore features the following:

  • Restores a disk image to a hard drive via block-level or file-level copying
  • Supports Mac OS X and Windows XP deployment
  • Despite its name, NetRestore clones local hard drives and restores disk images located locally or across a network.
  • Pre and post-restore customization tools to set computer specific information such as the open firmware password, computer name, network settings, etc.
  • Full automation
  • Easy configuration
  • Customizable
  • Includes a helper tool for easily creating master disk images and NetInstall-Restore image sets (for use with a NetBoot server)
  • Includes an enterprise-level database management and administration tool to manage machine-specific information and provide reports about the machines that you manage. This management tool also integrates with Apple Remote Desktop's Postgres database.

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NetRestore 3.4.4